Hi, I'm Suwei!

I am an interdisciplinary designer based in ā˜”Seattle and šŸŒžSouthern California, specializing in UX design and architecture design. I am passionate about building everyday integrated experience to bridge our physical and virtual world.

I hold a Master of Architecture degree from UCLAšŸ», and am currently enrolled in the Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design program at University of WashingtonšŸ¶. Prior to UW, I have been working as a licensed architect in Southern California for over 5 years, dedicating in the creation of delightful and memorable hospitality and retail experience. I have worked on over 20 high-profile projects in 8 different countries.

Besides designer, I am also a traveler, hiker, camper, foodie, boba lover, ukulele player, architectural historian, and National Park enthusiastšŸ”.

I am glad that we came across each other, drop me a line at willswyang@gmail.com